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Projects :Remediation/Spill Response
Civil/Environmental Eng Remediation/Spill Response Planning/Permitting Biological Sciences Water Resources Project/Construction Management

VC Sellers Deadhorse, Fairbanks and Kenai Properties Remediation Project
civil projectsIn 2008 RSE was contracted by Trustees representing the former owners of VECO to conduct Phase II environmental site investigations and remediation on four large industrial properties to satisfy a sales agreement to buyer CH2MHill. This multi-million dollar project involved preparation of work and restoration plans for assessment and cleanup of the properties subject to environmental impairment through 35 years of use oil field support construction and staging areas. RSE staff worked with drilling and construction sub-contractors to characterize and excavate hydrocarbon-impacted soils and rebuild the excavated areas to support ongoing usage for heavy equipment trafficking. Activities included addressing site constraints posed by ongoing site operations, unidentified historic utilities, and seasonally frozen and permafrost conditions. RSE prepared detailed corrective action reports for submission to project stakeholders and ADEC. As a result, ADEC issued cleanup complete status for the sites with minimal institutional controls effectively bringing to a close one of the largest private cleanup projects conducted in Alaska by 2010.

Alaska Pacific University Motor Pool and Maintenance Facility Demolition
civil projectsRSE conducted soil, groundwater and waste characterization sampling at this contaminated site regulated under provisions of state contaminated sites and EPA Underground injection control (UIC) programs. Site activities included preparation of Phase I and Phase II site assessments and associated site investigation and corrective action sampling related to closure of previously unregistered UST, groundwater removal and sampling to address shallow groundwater impacts, and sampling and closure of two Class V injection wells. Additionally RCRA waste was encountered, stockpiled, characterized, and manifested for proper offsite treatment or disposal. This site received a no further action status from the ADEC.

Alaska Railroad Corporation Spill Response
civil projectsRSE provided spill response and cleanup support for chemical releases along ARRC right of ways or facilities. In one event approximately 500 gallons diesel released as a locomotive idled next to the Seward Roundhouse. RSE worked with the ARRC spill response team and contractors over the following 36 hours to excavate the impacted soil and conduct closure sampling of the excavation. Site work included the recovery of 3,000 gallons of low-level diesel-impacted water and approximately 400 cubic yards of contaminated soil. RSE collected soil samples for TOC analyses to support possible Method 3 site management approaches. Samples of the excavation limits demonstrated that the site met ADEC Method 2 cleanup levels for migration to groundwater and site closure was issued by ADEC.

Other Remediation/Spill Projects
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