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Civil/Environmental Eng Remediation/Spill Response Planning/Permitting Biological Sciences Water Resources Project/Construction Management

Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority (ANGDA)Wetland Delineation of the B2F Pipeline Route
civil projectsRSE was a key team member of the 2008 field mapping of wetlands along 450 miles of the Beluga-to-Fairbanks (B2F) Pipeline route under study by ANGDA during 2008. Pat Athey of RSE served as the technical leader for all field work and report development for the project, working closely with other contractors to perform the work. RSE developed detailed work plans based on the updated Alaska District Corps of Engineers methodology, performed training, and provided field survey oversight for multiple field teams distributed along the route. RSE was the primary author of the summary report and coordinated with GIS contractor for map production. RSE developed project-specific wetland function analysis based on a hydrogeomorphic (HGM) approach and established jurisdictional determination for wetlands based on the 2007 Rapanos Guidance from Corps of Engineers.

Little Campbell Creek Restoration Project
civil projectsRSE developed the restoration design and Corps permit application for construction of a backwater alcove habitat to provide refuge for juvenile salmon in this small urban stream in Anchorage, Alaska. Pat Athey of RSE initiated the project by working closely with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Anchorage Waterways Council (AWC) to establish restoration objectives and a conceptual design for the alcove. As well, Mr. Athey prepared a wetland delineation of the property, coordinated with the Corps of Engineers and Municipality on permitting the project, and designed the vegetation plantings. Dave Nyman of RSE prepared detailed design drawings that were used for the excavation and plantings of native vegetation. RSE donated a significant portion of the work as volunteer labor to ensure this project could be completed within the limited budget available to the non-profit AWC.

Harmany Ranch Wetland Bank
civil projectsRSE initiated and established the first wetland mitigation bank in AK under the new Corps' mitigation rule for a private landowner in Eagle River, AK. Pat Athey of RSE worked closely with the Corps' Anchorage Field Office and the Municipality of Anchorage to negotiate successful wetland bank prospectus and bank instrument documents, conducted field studies to map wetland and aquatic habitats, coordinated with the Interagency Review Team (IRT) to determine wetland credit valuation using the Anchorage Debit-Credit Method (ADCM). The resulting agreement with the Corps will permit the landowner to sell wetland credits to developers in the Anchorage area, allowing the landowner to make significant income on property that otherwise would be marginally valuable for development. Pat is in the process of developing another mitigation bank in the Mat-Su Valley with the prospectus scheduled to be public noticed within the next month or so.

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